Internal Audit: Construction Audit

At Control Solutions International we have audited all types of construction contracts and projects, providing our clients with significant cost recoveries, as well as process improvements that are designed to keep from overpaying in the first place. Whether you have a cost plus, incentive payment, unit price, or fixed fee agreement we can help you be assured that your payments are as allowed by the agreements.

Whether you are in continuous development or have construction being performed for the first time, we have a team of professionals with the specialized expertise in construction audits.

Our experience also ranges across a broad spectrum of industries. Our approach and experience have seen us successfully deliver results for organizations of all maturity stages and contract project expenditure.

The professionals at Control Solutions International work with your management team in achieving project deliverables. We provide continuous project tracking of the discovery outcomes with substantiated evidence and guidance.

  • Evaluate contracts to understand performance opportunities, penalties, incentives, rights and obligations.
  • Indentify opportunities for recovery through matching contractor expenses to terms and deliverables of contacts.
  • Review presented expenses for duplication and out-of-scope activity.
  • Develop management plans to maintain ongoing cost consumption in line with contractual obligations.
  • Establish benchmarking to continuously evaluate project performance indicators to contract in a timely and effacement manner.

As you go through the process of choosing a provider for construction audit, consider Control Solutions International as your partner firm and we will be there to give you the support you need. If you would like to discuss getting the right level of assistance your organization could use to get through the next round of documentation updates and testing, please give us a call.

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